Two nice Eco products for your Life!

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The today article under the EcoTechnology category is dedicated to 2 nice eco gadget technology presented and introduced at the CES (Consumer Technology Association) in Las Vegas in 2015. So, let’s say that these products are relatively old on the global market but for their innovation and green approach is worth it to expose again for the newbie of the sector. Plus is an always nice and useful revise the not so old products for motivational and inspirational purposes. So get comfy and enjoy the reading.


Automatic is an eco-controller device allow you to monitor your car performance throughout a  connection of the diagnostic port of your car with an app on your smartphone as a visual communicator displayer in order to get the technical picture of your vehicle in terms of energy and efficiency costs. It can minimize the cost of the fuel consumption (this means lowering as well your carbon emissions) of your car in the momentum of acceleration from a stop road and tell you always through your smartphone app if there is some problem urging during a trip. Over than that, it can register the geographical location of your car when is parked and shared this info with the same member of your family. Lastly, for your own maximum health insurance in case of accident, Automatic, is connected to 911 (USA only) and to the rest of the member of your family.

Solpro Helios Smart

Solpro in that year has launched the Helios Smart device that is a solar powered rechargeable battery designed for your smart phone. Its dimensions are properly made it for an everywhere-portability device because you can basically place it in a pocket. In fact, once you are ready and in the need to recharge your smartphone you have just taken it out from the pocket, unfolded, place the 3 solar panels to the sun and enjoy your open-air moment. Solpro states that in direct sunlight the Helios Smart is capable to full recharge in 90 min a standard smartphone and in 5 hours to fully recharge itself. Over than that, its double connectivity ports that allow you to recharge 2 device in once time is also available for other wearable technology like smartwatches, trackers and so on.


I may say that both of them for their dimensions are super portable and super convenient for an open-air everyday life, regarding their purpose of functionality the Helios Smart is really useful but with limitations because its potential depends on your geographical location and way to use. Let’s say that it has the same problem of a smartphone and that means that is a super useful device but in the end remain always a light version of a limited computer that you can’t use at its full potential. Meanwhile, the Automatic is a really nice eco monitoring product that can be super useful for professionals and family concept but its limits lye in its geographical engineering standardization because is mainly made it for USA usage. A side of that, I think anyway that are interesting products to try out and see if they improve in better your lifestyle.

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