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What a review I think about to make happy my readers for today and the days coming; because the products that I going to show are perfectly in the norm of your daily life and in reality, they are not really special but what they make them special is how are they make it. So, if you are in the northern hemisphere is summer time and is perfect for you now but no worry at all as well if you are located in the southern hemisphere because this product can be used indoor as well. Fitness, yoga and physical exercises are what generally people do if they want a healthy life and with them usually, you need some accessories (always if you are not an old Guru in some remote Indian village) and therefore I will present you 4 kind of interesting mat for indoor and outdoor sport. All of them are environmentally friendly and recyclable again. So, enjoy the reading and I’ll see you until the next post.

Suga Recycled Wetsuit Mat

The Suga mat as you understand already from the title is a yoga mat completely recycled from the wetsuit and perfectly recyclable again at the end of its life-cycle. This mat is 5 mm thick, its weight is 2 KG and a half and its size is 182cm long x 65.5cm wide. Over than that, thanks to its closed cell foam the Suga mat has a major gripping than the other usual mat plus it has a repelled function from bacteria, dirt and dust.

Kiss the sky Yoga Mat

The Kiss The Sky yoga mat is a mat completely made it from recycled rubber which it makes him clearly environmentally friendly. Its dimension is 182cm long x 62cm wide with a light weight of 1.6Kg with a thickness of 5 mm. Regarding the rest is like any other yoga mat on the market a side of its oval shape of course.

Clever Yoga Premium Natree Mat

This yoga mat is made it completely from Tree rubber and therefore 100% environmentally friendly because of its biodegradability and recycling factor at the end of its life-cycle. It got a life warranty on itself and is composed of dense cushioned in order to avoid the double up of the product under elbow and knee pressure.

YogiMall Eco-Friendly High-Density TPE Yoga Mat

As a last option but not because less important I choose the YogiMall because it made it entirely from a Hypoallergenic Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE) high-quality material which means is no contain latex, synthetic rubber, PVC and heavy metal material. As well this mat is completely biodegradable and hypoallergenic with a warranty on the product if the customer is not satisfied.


In my point of view, all of them are good products and trustable for their performance and good for their approach toward the environmental practice used in the production. The only point to consider is the price of these products, for example, the Suga mat is the most expensive (no worry is always below $100) meanwhile the cheaper is the YogiMall mat. So it just a matter of pocket and accessibility, for the rest enjoy the shopping.

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