Understanding Green Economy

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This article is mainly made it for thinking and reasoning purpose regarding the choice of advancement towards a green economy in respect of the latest viral news of the environmental sector and facts considerate from my point of view. Therefore, references are present for the building of this paper but just as a guide background to let you understand better the reading of this article and the situation in what we leaving. Over than that, I hope you enjoy the paper and the philosophy of these thoughts it could help you to think more in a human way.

In the latest news of the sector we heard about a giant crack formed in the Antartic and from that crack, a giant iceberg big like the state of Luxemburg has detached from the permafrost masses of the glacier. We also heard about Elon Musk investing and planning in a giant storage battery providing electricity for the whole country of Australia and a promise prediction, always from the paladin Elon Musk, about the replenishment of conventional fuel energy provider with solar installation for the whole United States of America. Lastly, Tesla motor is getting more and more the new hope for the humanity and the electric cars the future of the planet with the major brand of the cars industry starting a new revolution from 2040.

At this point from my analyse, I can see just a small aspect of development regarding the fight against climate change. The aspect I talking about is the Hi-Tech industry but what about the rest? What about developments on conservation species? What about developments on recycling? What about developments on sustainable living? What about developments on pollution? Life is like a circle and history is repeating itself. In the 90s there was the explosion of technology and the advent of the internet, from there all the derivate that you can imagine and now are completely part of our life but what is remaining always is the way of the society in which we living.

 What they try to do is an act of moderation, governments and the big corporations they just allow some actions to limit the losses in order to maintain their profits. I can compare Elon Musk like a Bill Gates or a Steve Jobs of that time, covered in gold and idolised like new gods and inspiration of the era just because they make billion of the dollar in their twenty, meanwhile Jacque Fresco from Zeitgeistis considerate the radical and visionary guy who lives an utopic dream. The reality of facts is that if you doing really revolutionary things that could disturb the functionality of the system the aftermath is, of course, a negative response for you.

Already in the blog world, I can see from the web the richest blogger on the planet and the most popular topics treated which are Hi-Tech, celebrity/gossip, Fashion and “how to make money”. After all, I am not surprised about what I living now because is clearly understandable that if you want to have a full conversion from the actual system to a Green Economy you have to completely wipe out certain things just because we don’t need it anymore. In somehow is like pressing the reset button of the human history and delete things like politicians, political borders, money and all that bullshit related just because are irrelevant for us.

Anyway, I hope to write a useful article for you and make you think about things that probably you never have the time to think about it. The rest’s up to you about what you want to do and in what you want to believe.

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