What would you choose between a Portable Solar Generator and a Generator by Propane?

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This article is dedicated to these two devices whose have the same meaning of functionality but with a different perspective and technical structure. These products are easily traceable on the market but anyway you will not need to do that because I will provide you with the links. The reason because I decided to make this products review is to provide useful information who want to start to buy green and help people decide the right choice to make based on their needs and their situation. This article will not the first one of its kind because to be honest with my web community members I become an Amazon affiliate so I review some product some time that could be interesting and useful for you.   

Jackery PowerPro 500Wh Portable Solar Generator

The Jackery PowerPro is a portable solar generator relatively new on the market but with a great customer review satisfaction. Is able to provide 500Watt per hour and have a rechargeable battery that can full supply via the 85V solar panel in 7 hours under full sunlight or through the AC adapter in 6 hours. Included in this device there is an LCD flashlight, a cigarette lighter port, USB ports and an LCD display to see the power currency situation of the device. Over than that, because the Jackery PowerPro is a portable device the dimension and the weight of the apparatus are relatively small and light. Lastly, contrary to a conventional generator the Jackery PowerPro is completely silent and its usage can be easily applicable to camping situation with family or friends, outdoor professional use and completely safe for us and children. In my opinion, the price with other generators is a bit higher but depend from one person to another and in spite of that I think is a good investment.

All Power America 10000W Propane Generator

This generator is bigger in size and heavier in its weight but its power capacity allows electricity for jobs in the remote area and for professional heavy usage. It’s capable of providing 7500Watt with 4 AC outlets from 120V and with a battery from 7 to 8 hours lifetime. The turnover of this device as you already notice from the title is the usage of the Propane as fuel for the functionality of the generator throughout a capacity tank of about 18L. Lastly, unfortunately, there is a remarkable pollution noise level from the engine of the device, therefore is not suggested for a family or friends usage.


ALERT: The Propane is a relatively environmental friendly fuel but is highly inflammable and use it indoor have to be managed with cautions because for his colourless and odourless it can replace the oxygen in your lungs. 

Pros and Cons Comparison


As you have read the article the comparison between these two devices exposes different technical structure with subsequent different potentialities. In my opinion, from what I could analyse from this device or anyway device of this kind is the usage that you need and you prefer from your situation. For example, the Solar Portable Generator JackeryPro is more for camping and friends usage like party outside or on your terrace or rooftop. It’s safe for the environment, for you and for your children plus is completely silent and also easily applicable for a light work outdoor operation like scientific research, photo-shoot and so on. In addition, if you are on a fully sunny day you can keep the solar panels cable attached to the generator and have full power all day long without the need to recharge the battery.

Regarding the All Power America Propane Generator, I think that this little beast should be more suitable for “industrialised” usage because of his power and no really easy mobility. Over than that, I think is not really for everybody and you need to manage with attention because of the Propane. Imagine that one day you going to fill up the tank of the generator and accidentally some Propane drop on the floor and an electrostatic spark have been created as an effect and then… boom! Honestly, I would like to avoid that. Also, there is this noise from the engine like a tractor and is not really pretty to hear but in spite, all of this the Propane Generator can be surely useful for other situation like heavy outdoor job project.

So to you the choice to invest in these apparatus for your work or comfort. Of course, the choise depending from what you do and for what you need. Regarding us, see you until the next article. Promise, will not be another product review hahaha…


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