Environmental buildings is a reality?

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The today article under the category Design is dedicated to the architecture and design of the sustainable building. Specifically, I will talk about of the design of a greenhouse and its different aspects to save energy, money and the environment from your most daily habits you got in your life. Over than that, I hope you enjoy the reading and find something useful that could inspire you and motivate you to change something in your living.

I found an old article in a design and architecture magazine online speaking about the Villa Sera whose is a building design it for sustainability and low environmental impact. This building over, of course, to have a photovoltaic solar panel on the roof have a water tank located on the rooftop for harvesting water and powered tube solar collector. Also, there is a heat pump on the ground floor outside the Villa that works with the constant temperature of the Earth to make the temperature warm or cool.

Over than that, there is Greenhouse exposed to the sunlight with the Villa that promotes passive solar energy, food local production, increasing in biodiversity and a natural or mechanical ventilation of the area. Always outside of the Villa is located a pond for breaking grey water via photosynthesis and water the rest of the plant. To end up in conclusion with different solar solution applied for the production of the electricity like the semi-transparent solar glass panels or the power tube solar collector for providing the water heating system.

The innovation of the house, the creativity of the system and the environmentally friendly approach of thinking allow the existence of an urban area in harmony with nature. The renewable technological application sustains the building without polluting the surrounding environment and promoting the health of the human being living in the building. It’s perfect, right!? Do you think that is really true? Can you tell me the same?         

It’s really nice but after I observed the infographic and read it the article I ask myself “How much is could cost?” and also “Where are they?” – “Where can you find those buildings?”… Just in the big and huge commercial centre of some big city for public daily use? And as well if it should be just a concept or an idea, they should be available for everybody so… where are they? In 16 countries I visited I didn’t see so many around, maybe something in Asia but in the rest of the world almost nothing and we speaking about of an article of 2012.

My simple question is – How really much effort we put to fight the climate change? – On a 100% scale, what is the percentage of media, scientific organisations and business companies that they really apply in the realisation of environmental structures? Have a look around people, from your hometown to next city, have a look around and then let me know in the comment section below the article because I am really curious about what you have to say in merit.

Thanks and as usual it’s up to you what you want to believe and what you want to do.

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