The Transitional Process to a Green Economy

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From many years the transition between a full fuel-fossil economy to a green economy has been quite hard for its controversial interests of developments and investment in the future. In spite of that some countries in the world have put it a huge and significant effort toward the realisation and the effectiveness of a sustainable philosophy meanwhile for some other countries in the world, the answer to this change has remained steady or slow understandable. This article intended to explain the counter opposition factors to choose toward a green economy or remain with the old economic system.

Recently I read an article of 2011 talking about the difficulties for different countries to choose for a green economy. The article stating about cost affordability regarding the installation of new technology apparatus for the exploiting of renewable energy resources, the political vision in which different countries could see this new economic planning with their approach and the persistent inequality income hyper-present in the world as well with a new economic model. It let me think about it and so I decided to dedicate an article for it.

In a society in which an individual has recognised from what it has and not for who is it is predictable think about a selfishness approach from an entity that represents an entire country. Frederick Niche in his book of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” it was describing an overwhelming future individual capable of transcending all the values and beliefs present in the civilisation, or better like in his book definition a super human. Well, if you think about it, we are already in a society without values and if you keep thinking the single contemporary member of this society live its life without values.

With other words, what normal people want today? (Especially people from western countries) It simple answers this, right!? They want money, a good status and full stop. The rest is philosophy, insignificant and superficial. So, in a society in which ethics, morality or honour disappear meanwhile they should be present for a natural balance between members of a community, what do you have left? Well, basically what you have. Therefore, properties, goods, money, power and chains on what you got. In other words, it like says we are in the era of “everything is whatever”.

However, after this brutal description of the mankind there is always hope for a revenge, a hope for a change to think differently from now on, a hope for a better world in which the respect for each other and a self-conscious individual would rise and self-motivating others from a need of freedom and survival, a transition from a superhuman to a hyper-human who able to think autonomous in respect of others but with a high degree of consciousness.  An individual who could be you that in your little universe of things can change things bigger than you think.

Today, always more and more business moves to a Green approach and engaging their self with sustainable manner, some countries like China has invested huge capitals in renewable resources Meanwhile other like the USA they prefer to remain to a fuel-fossil economy thanks to stupid politicians who think to be some kind of gods with absolute power. My hope FOR US is that this transition of the economy between fuel-fossil to Green will be no a waste of time because change a system doesn’t mean CHANGE OUR-SELF.

Anyway, it’s up to you what do you want to do and in what you want to believe.

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