Eco Singularities

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This article is about old and new eco-inventions selected from me because quite unconventional but innovative in their kind. I decide to call them singularities because they are unique and still not so mainstreamed in the global market. Their originality is based on their shape, functionality, applications and idea concepts. They are not completely unknown but their use for some of them still not so common like a solar panel on your roof. So, I hope to satisfy your curiosity and make you enjoy reading my article.

The first one I selected is from a primary Sweden school who decide to install a crystalline solar panel roofing system. The difference from the common solar panel on the rooftop is the shape and the idea concept. They simply combine the solar voltaic system with mono crystallised glass tile shaped covering the roof of the school. The solar energy captured and converted to electricity is then stored in an external tank for the heating system and providing hot water all around the year. If you didn’t understand very well you can always check here for the pics.

Then, I selected a floating wind power installation or better a lighter helium-lifted wind turbine that with the increase of wind velocity the lifting of the device increase with the wind turbine functionality and the stabilisation of the apparatus in itself. Meanwhile, in the Middle East to the Bahrain World Trade Centre, there is a super high-tech construction of building integrated with wind power turbine design it for Eolic energy dependence. Over than that, tidal energy power system plant has been located next to New York City and San Francisco Bay. If you are interested in these ideas you can always click here to have a better understanding.

Always remaining in the wind and solar power system concept in San Diego it taking place the idea of SolAir devices whose are wind turbine power combined with a solar panel of about 40square inches (for American) or 258 square centimetres (for European). If you want to know more you can always check here. Another innovative but uncommon concept of wind power system is the implementation of nanotechnology west skin whose can cover any surface of a building and generate a net effect of energy from the result of multiple micro-turbine collected together in a special fabric. About that, you can check pictures and info here if you want.

Lastly but not less important for its application and concept idea I listed also the Tesla motors as well if in the last few years is becoming more and more popular in the global market. Tesla motor is a self-functional fluid system design it with a metal plate and a liquid material that based on Nicola Tesla theory in respect of the adhesion and viscosity principle is a become a self-energy generator. Of course, Tesla in his time of life was a visionary for his invention and its prototype still wasn’t perfect for its inefficiency but in spite of that his technology has been taking it back and improved as a renewable source in respect of innovation and energy capability. If you are curious about Tesla motor and you want to know a bit more you can click here for further reading.

After all of those singularities, I leave you for now until the next reading with my usual conclusion. It’s up to you what you want to do and it’s always up to you in what you want to believe.

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