Green Shopping

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Choose green people! Choose sustainable! Choose what you really care for yourself and for the people you really love. Choose what it makes you happy and in simple terms choose what makes you feel safe. Choose the most important thing that you ever have because it could be the last in your existence. Choose love, respect, ethics, and equity because the time available for you is almost run out. Choose innovation, creativity, visionaries and awareness because the border between reality and imagination are merged each other. Choose future people! Choose life!

In those days of green products, the choice between trustiness and affordability of the price induce the manipulation of the awareness of the consumers regarding the source of the products in itself. In other words, all these green products emitted in the market how much are they really safe for you and for the environment? Can we really trust them? Are they really what they say, reliable and environmentally friendly? As a consumer, you have the responsibility to know certain awareness of what you get from the market. As a consumer, you have the responsibility to not fail in the marketing trap declaring things that are not true in reality.

The misconception and misleading of the people, unfortunately, is a reality that occurred today towards the choice of certain products. Product declaring to be “green” or “environmentally friendly” but in reality is just a camouflage in order to fraud the innocent consumer who believe in making an intelligent shopping but indeed it just help these “false dreaming makers” to make their profits. What products are we speaking about here? These products could come from the electronics industry, from the toys & baby products industry, from the cleaning household products and lastly from the DIY construction products.

As lawyers or politicians in the world these green products claimed “environmentally friendly” are falsify just with a substitution of words or labels, logo and unproven tests to make you believe the reliability of the product acquired. In other hands, the responsibility of the approval of the emission in the market it should be first of all from government parties in charge of these processes and secondly it should be your responsibility to take your initiative to make your personal research of information in order to be aware of what you buy.

However, it possible avoids those misconceptions and misleading with a simple solution and precautions such as buy green products from the big local store because usually the big store is more controlled and scrutinised from the media. Or for example, if you checked already from yourself the legitimate labels or logo of reliable organisation approved the insurance of those green products you are already good to go for your smart shopping. After this, if you are a bit more curious about the meaning of this article, you can always check here and here the sources where I take the info from.

As usual guys, it’s always up to you what you want to do and in what you want to believe.

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