Two nice Eco products for your Life!

The today article under the EcoTechnology category is dedicated to 2 nice eco gadget technology presented and introduced at the CES (Consumer Technology Association) in Las Vegas in 2015. So, let’s say that these products are relatively old on the global market but for their innovation and green approach is …


Get Environmentally Fit!

What a review I think about to make happy my readers for today and the days coming; because the products that I going to show are perfectly in the norm of your daily life and in reality, they are not really special but what they make them special is how …


Understanding Green Economy

This article is mainly made it for thinking and reasoning purpose regarding the choice of advancement towards a green economy in respect of the latest viral news of the environmental sector and facts considerate from my point of view. Therefore, references are present for the building of this paper but …


What would you choose between a Portable Solar Generator and a Generator by Propane?

This article is dedicated to these two devices whose have the same meaning of functionality but with a different perspective and technical structure. These products are easily traceable on the market but anyway you will not need to do that because I will provide you with the links. The reason …


Environmental buildings is a reality?

The today article under the category Design is dedicated to the architecture and design of the sustainable building. Specifically, I will talk about of the design of a greenhouse and its different aspects to save energy, money and the environment from your most daily habits you got in your life. …


The Transitional Process to a Green Economy

From many years the transition between a full fuel-fossil economy to a green economy has been quite hard for its controversial interests of developments and investment in the future. In spite of that some countries in the world have put it a huge and significant effort toward the realisation and …


Eco Singularities

This article is about old and new eco-inventions selected from me because quite unconventional but innovative in their kind. I decide to call them singularities because they are unique and still not so mainstreamed in the global market. Their originality is based on their shape, functionality, applications and idea concepts. …


Green Shopping

Choose green people! Choose sustainable! Choose what you really care for yourself and for the people you really love. Choose what it makes you happy and in simple terms choose what makes you feel safe. Choose the most important thing that you ever have because it could be the last …

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