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For almost everything, there is a reason to make an action or choose something else to another one and the purpose to take that choice is simply what it’s more convenient for us. In a society in which most of the times you can’t do what you really want and you find yourself to do something only because is a convenience for you but you don’t really care about it, what do you expect? Well, this article is about the reason for a Green Economy, the reason of a necessity that could change everything in its structure, forever and for everybody.

Money, costs, incentives- people mobilisation under the pressurised meaning of minimal capitals consumption and savings for long-term stabilisation- allowing individuals for a wealth and durative long life. Those are the general lines of a marketing strategy big picture for a promotional product plan easily applicable for a new economic system. Statements like “thinking out of the box” or “generating business from nothing” would be irrelevant without the presence of a “desire exchanger” and in our case, therefore, a currency.

For the analysis above I have to talk to you about numbers and practical examples in order to speak the same language and let you understand better the meaning of this.

Choose a green economy means evolution, a change in your living scenario whose includes from your home to the entire city in which you living. Gas stations become charging stations for an electric car, smart meters for energy usage/efficiency installed in every building, photovoltaic panels covering every roof and water butts for domestic usage for not waste a drop of water. A smart system whose can save as much as possible the resources available and minimise the waste impact. Some number on a 100% scale plan in the USA: 50% of natural resources involved, 25% of landfill waste produced, 12% of water consumption, 10% of airborne particulates produced, 35% greenhouse gasses emitted in the atmosphere and 39% of energy use it compared to the conventional present system.

In terms of money the payback is 25% of saving on an annual typical energy usage per a single home, gas bill saving could reach an annual $1000 and investments in green building increase their value for more than $20 per square feet in case you wish to get a green home now and for whatever the reason can sell it to buy then another one. Other beneficial aspects from what you expecting for are your health, first of all, energy/water consumption and site conservation. There is a 9 to 50% of the reduction in sickness, 9 to 20% reduction in communicable respiratory diseases and an 18 to 25% reduction of allergies and asthma. To not mention then the reduction of waste occurred, the minimization of the material used for their durability because from natural sources, the utilisation of the water collected throughout the specified device, the limitation of the soil erosion through a sustainable landscaping and the preservation of habitats and wildlife.

If you want to know more about the info that I expose on this article you can click here and here for further information. After that, it’s your move chief. As a blogger and scientist, I just provide you with the evidence that you need to make your decision but it’s always up to you what do you want to do and in want, you want to believe.

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