Clever Environmental Solutions

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In this article, I want to tell you some of the environmental tech solutions out there that maybe could help you as well in the smallest form in your life. There are many options in reality but I just pick up some of them to show you what you could do if you would ever have the possibility to do it. So, we speaking about energy efficiency here and as well if you don’t have all the environmental engineering knowledge of this world, I will try to explain these devices in the simplest way that I can in order to satisfy everybody.

I am a supporter for DIY staff (do it yourself) and therefore my first choice was regarding a solar lamp jar. It’s a clever way to have an eco-friendly portable lamp that you can take with you everywhere or if you prefer you can just leave it in your room. You just need a solar cell, a rechargeable battery, a waterproof glass jar and a small led. It has an automatic lighting on-off and you can even purchase if you want to. That is the link to the original article from the Dornob website where I took it the idea of this funny but sustainable gadget.

DIY generators are another useful option to take in consideration if you want to maximise your energy management but most importantly produce your own energy. Of course, these devices can be applied for a different reason and for different size of energy volume need it per person unit. In other words, you can apply for a big mention with 10 people on it or to your room and just for yourself. You need at least to main pieces in order to build a generator which is a Stator and a Rotor that work with each other to produce energy. Then, a battery to store energy and the battery size depend on what usage you want to apply for. Over than that, you are ready to go and apply your DIY generator almost from everywhere but of course, it’s depending on which living situation you are. If you want to know more about then you can always visit the link on the Skilledsurvival website where I took this information from.

Another interesting concept that you can apply for your energy efficiency come from the Homepower website publishing an article regarding the Microhydro power system involving the production of electricity throughout the functional mechanism of a water-force  generator. Of course, I cannot mention or keep it out for this small environmental solution proposal the solar and wind power. As you already know, you can install (generally) on your roof of your premise your solar array, solar water heater or small wind turbines for residential use and save a bunch of money at long term with a cleaner environment.

In the end, you have just to pick up the best option for yourself which best suit your living needs and living situation to finally have a long run sustainable life. Most of them are an investment that in the end pay your bill, your health, the health of the people who you love, all the living organisms present on this planet and most importantly the environment that surround us. As usual, it’s up to you what do you want to do and in what you want to believe.

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