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The fashion industry is one the mostest contributors to pollution because of the material need it for the creation of clothes and the production of the waste make it. In spite of that, there are people around the world believing in a sustainable society in which the mankind can live environmentally friendly. Business companies who decide to invest in a sustainable production system in which the effort awards both parties of this operation: investors and business companies. A sustainable system in which the production of waste is equaled to zero-waste.  

Last month, I read an interesting article on BOF (Business of Fashion) regarding the fashion industry and the companies who decide to invest in a sustainability system. Miroslava Duma is the owner of Buro 24/7 an international online Russian platform dedicated to the lifestyle and fashion products who decide to invest in the creation of the Fashion Tech Lab. This structure of the Buro company is responsible for “hunting” and collaborate with companies with an environmentally friendly approach. Over than that, Fashion Tech Lab studies the creation of fashion products with new science materials.  

For example, Fashion Tech Lab has received funds for the collaboration project with Diamond Foundry and Orange Fiber companies that respectively looking for a sustainable approach to producing man-made diamonds and fabric material from orange peeling. In San Francisco, Fashion Tech Lab has also found collaboration with a start- up in the creation of lab-growth leathers. Furthermore, Orange Fiber has found collaboration with an Italian fashion brand Ferragamo who produce their fabric repurposing Orange from the biggest Italian juice production companies. 

This process of business networking allows a positive feedback for both parties because the juice production companies have the possibility to gives their waste at free cost meanwhile Ferragamo and Orange Fiber can have all the material need it for the realisation of the project. Over than that, the fabrics produced are completely chemicals free and absolutely natural. Another benefit of this environmental awareness methodology or life-cycle assessment is the zero-waste produced from this system in thinking the aftermath of those actions.

On a business level, this approach of thinking is a perfect example that is really beneficial most importantly from an environmental point of view, for the health of the people and then for an economic gain of the companies involved. Also, integrating a recycling scheme for providing the materials need it with a zero-waste result is a smart way of think tank management allowing a reliable and trustful approach of a good positive environmental impact.

I hope that this environmental methodology approach would help to encourage always more business companies in acting with a more environmental friendly thinking way. As demonstrated from the article this approach is beneficial at a social and economic level for both parties involved in the process and regulated from a self-sustainable system. Lastly, I hope again that this example could be an incentive for the creation of new sustainable products designs it with an environmental life-cycle procedure in mind.      

But as usual, it’s up to you what do you want to do and in what you want to believe.

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