Living with sustainability

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This article is an introduction to my new category of my blog in which I explain what I am going to talk about and how I would like to help you to improve your life in the most and happiness environmental friendly way. Also, because I would like to get closer to you with something that you can directly modify in your daily life from day 1. With something that you have business with and you can’t deny to yourself such as your home, your clothes or your food.

The design of objects in the common life of everyday people has transformed itself over time in order to make the living life more comfortable or the art to apply a shape to something that could be useful for the human life in terms of utility and functionality. The great challenge now is the right selection of materials for achieving a sustainable impact on the environment. Just not only the materials but also the functionality of those objects that everyday people use daily and the methodology in which those object they have been created.

Those objects could be from the construction of an entire house to the little pencil of your makeup to refine your eyes before to go to work. For example, the choice of your clothes is another important point to considerate in a sustainable life. You can fashionably and environmentally dress as well without wear expensive clothes from international famous brands. Think about to what is really necessary for you and for your habits and to change or substitute them in order to live with sustainability. Everything that you buy can be environmentally friendly if you want. Completely from zero!

This approach is already taken from many years from designers, architects and many other start up because they recognise the possibility to have business as well without the conventional way of living the life. Some big examples could be the self-engine roads providing kinetic energy from driving electric cars. Some discotheque engine their-self thank to an installing kinetic energy dance floor and that’s mean that as you dance you produce converted kinetic energy in electricity. A smart way to self-produce and self-consume with a natural automatic system energy as need it on demand for entertainment and transport.

Food is another great example to live naturally and with an environmental approach because of your health in the first instance and also for the other living organisms that are with us on this planet. You don’t need to be super vegetarian or super vegan to respect the environment and help your health but you can just choose or limit what you eat. For example, meat it’s quite controversial for different arguments but you can just stop to eat meat from the big fast food companies or buy in the regular big supermarkets simply because that kind of meat probably is come from intensive farms and that’s not good for you and for the environment. That is already a big help, right!

There is so many ways to help the environment and live naturally with yourself that I will take the time to tell them in my next articles, of course. As usual, it’s always up to you in what do you want to believe and what you want to do.

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