Renewable Energy: A choice to commits

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Everything works with energy, the cells in your body, the atoms in the universe, the electricity for your lights and goods in your house, the infrastructure in a city, the engine in a car and the machines in a big industry. An equal exchange of sources between a mechanism of functionality and utility of actualization for the realisation of subsequent activities or a justifiable process for the continuation of a life cycle remunerated from the accomplishment of viability and insurance.  What its change in this process is just the counterparts in the action made it: consumers and providers.

You can choose if you prefer to continue to giving the privilege of the energy management to the big companies of the planet whose for a century have manifested their supremacy in the global market or gives the possibility to new companies to emerge and success in their accomplishment. As a consumer, you have the right to choose who serve you for the common good of everybody and it’s always you who can change a new approach in an economy already decay from itself. Yes, of course, there is a profit behind it, until a currency will be present in our society, there will always be.

But if you keep giving your money to the big multinational, this economy will have, yes a green economy transmutation but with no different approach in terms of rights for the consumers. Indeed, little and middle size companies capable of providing the same services, from the start, with renewable energy are a proof that something starts changing. The approach to the consumers will be different because the people you choose to have a certain business with will be different. Consumed people from their power and avidity they will never rise again their filthy hand on us.

You have the possibility to change the actors of this movie; you have the possibility to shift the power of control from one pole to another but this time the people involved will be people like you and me. People who live their life with simplicity and happiness without eat someone else or stole their living space. People who never have such a power of control because they ever were to allowed so. People who don’t come from to some rich family who back in the days it makes tricks and plays dirty to achieve what it has now.

This article is like an appeal to you and to your intelligence. You have to learn to think and to be autonomous otherwise nothing will change and always few people on the planet will decide for billions of us. Renewable energy is another tool for the mankind in order to survive on this planet over time but the most important decision expect to you. You decide to who give this tool and its power, you decide who take the responsibility for all of us. You are the difference of this equation in terms of counterparts and conflicts.

Anyway, I am not here to tell you what to do, I just suggest you. In the end, it’s always up to you what you want to do and what you want to believe.

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