A need of survival

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The hope to achieve a situation in which the cluster of the conflicts is reassembled from interests of different counterparts is equal to thinking a situation between logical and illogical people. The acceptance of an opinion in regard to an unknown or at least a partially unknown concept is breathing in multiple contractions of a community. The rules to achieve a determinate economy based on sustainability in regard and in respect of green topics are gradually achievable from common sense in term of respect and loyalty.

The Green Economy as a state of emergency for the future. The Green Economy as a hope for the people in a better world. The action alone is useless without the idea behind of achievement. Like when you drinking a glass of water, your brain throughout synapsis connection command your body to act in order to satisfy your need of necessity. You drinking and drinking until the glass is empty, until the idea in your brain has vanished because biochemical reaction dictates so. After that, you are satisfied and leave the empty glass on the table again.

The same is for the Green Economy… a real need of necessity with an idea of emergency behind to satisfy as soon as possible for the wealth of the community. Repeating this statement “a real need of necessity” and that’s mean that we don’t want to persuade somebody to buy something with some bizarre marketing strategy. We don’t need to invent anything in order to create a need that in reality, you don’t really need. We propose you the best possible solution for everybody and maintaining in the same time the habits of your life.

The necessity of a need that you can’t avoid like the glass of water that you looking for in order to satisfy your idea of an emergency. The idea becomes an act of survival as insurance for the continuing of what must continue in the reality. Technology and norms of usage are already placed for the availability of the public and private sector, you just need to pick up what you want and apply in your life. As I said in the last article about renewable energy, you can apply this kind of technology just by yourself and without the useless need of some multinational of the energy industry that has sucked out oil until today and magically pretends to be a leader in the renewable sector.

But everything is a compromise, like an infinite negotiation of possibilities and opportunities in which you can choice what you like more despite politicians and money matter. It’s your moves; it’s your choice about what is best for you. Everybody is different and with different need but the most important point to considerate is common sense. In the end, it’s up to you what do you want to do and what you want to believe.

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