Numbers and Facts

For almost everything, there is a reason to make an action or choose something else to another one and the purpose to take that choice is simply what it’s more convenient for us. In a society in which most of the times you can’t do what you really want and …


Clever Environmental Solutions

In this article, I want to tell you some of the environmental tech solutions out there that maybe could help you as well in the smallest form in your life. There are many options in reality but I just pick up some of them to show you what you could …


Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry is one the mostest contributors to pollution because of the material need it for the creation of clothes and the production of the waste make it. In spite of that, there are people around the world believing in a sustainable society in which the mankind can live …


Living with sustainability

This article is an introduction to my new category of my blog in which I explain what I am going to talk about and how I would like to help you to improve your life in the most and happiness environmental friendly way. Also, because I would like to get …


Regardless everything

“Every year, millions of tons of materials are being exploited from the earth’s crust, and processed into consumer and capital goods. After decades to centuries, most of these materials are “lost”. With the exception of some pieces of art or religious relics, they are no longer engaged in the consumption …


Renewable Energy: A choice to commits

Everything works with energy, the cells in your body, the atoms in the universe, the electricity for your lights and goods in your house, the infrastructure in a city, the engine in a car and the machines in a big industry. An equal exchange of sources between a mechanism of …


A need of survival

The hope to achieve a situation in which the cluster of the conflicts is reassembled from interests of different counterparts is equal to thinking a situation between logical and illogical people. The acceptance of an opinion in regard to an unknown or at least a partially unknown concept is breathing …

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