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The greater enemy of the mankind is the ignorance of the people who govern and command with authority billion of life on the planet. I really don’t like at all this way to act and decide on the global community just on profitable purposes and monitoring aftermaths. All of this is what for? Power? Money? Gain prestige, rights and privileges that nobody else can’t have? In the end, these people are just caged from their same desire of power and avidity. Plus the way how the things work is really self-destructive. It’s self-destructive for them, for us and most important for the planet.  

The Freedom is the most precious value that an individual has for itself in terms of personal identity and being in a community, after coming to the freedom of speech and then the freedom of choice. A social sequence is what you have after a collective decision has been taken from two or more than two individuals in a community. Rules are clear and the principles are simple. Who are you? Where you want to go? What do you want to say? And what you want to do? The concept to understand is easy to interpret.

So, why so many mistakes? Maybe because this imaginary social sequence I just described never exists in reality. Maybe because a fist of people takes decision for billions of us… as well if they are wrong… as well if could hurt… as well if is cost the planet in itself. Do you really think to be so powerless? Insignificant or under control? Because I don’t think you like eat some fresh fish and then discover a piece of plastic in your mouth. Because I don’t think you like work for 8 hours a day and then discover that who really need all this production of materials and services is the budget of someone else.

Pollution is not just geophysical problems understandable from some restricted circle of visionary scientists. Pollution is the effect of consequence derived from a series of event that falls deep and deeper in the most intrinsic functionality of this society. Let’s face it, are you really happy about your life? Do you think to be frustrated about your living costs? How much do you really need in order to be happy? 1000, 5000 or 10000 a month? Do you really think that what you gain is proportional with what do you spend in the end? How many days of your life do you have to spend at work in order to get a 3 weeks holiday from your job?

Maybe someone has already thought about these thoughts and if it should so I should just happy about that because I would not just me to think like that. But for whom never thinking about that, I would like to share these thoughts with you and try to make you think about these simple questions. The actions of an individual who decided to model the habitat in which is guest it influence with a certain degree of effects the habitat where it living. Pollution is one of these effects and it not invisible like the climate change. You can touch it, smell it, tasted it and see it. You can contain it if you decide to change and you can control it if you decide to think.

It’s almost impossible to not pollute something but is possible at least limiting the aftermath of the mistakes made it in the past. In a constructed society where the functionality of the industrialisation perceive its work in a self-destruction mode and just changing the products for its consumptions over time, is well understand it the multiplicity facts of devastation and misery in which we are conditioned now. Who is not agree is someone who has afraid to lose what it have because an individual in a society today is defined for what it have and no anymore for who it is. It’ up to you what do you want to do and what do you want to believe.

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