Climate Change: to the skeptics

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Something not visible to human eye is never trusted it for the people who never connect its intelligence with its heart. The empirical point of view of the science whose explain the naturally occurred event is just another interpretation of the human model to read and translate the language of nature. The numbers could be words and vice versa but the meaning of the message will remain always the same. The climate has changed the history of the humanity overtime with super volcano eruption from Indonesia to Ecuador for affecting Europe as the aftermath. However, it’s not always as you think.

Solar perturbation and geomagnetic storms are a reality and a fact to recognize because of its powerful intensity and influence on Earths. That’s true! In the past this manifestation of extreme heat they disturb the climate of the planet but… how has long time passed between one event and another? Comparing these events to the events of the past years, the last decade or the last 50 years… Do you really think that the cause is completely natural? Do you really think that the climate changing so fast by natural factors only? There is no escape and not a denial about this and about the facts showing to you.

Regardless the facts of the history as an intelligible proof of empirical witness about the climate change there is no doubt about the lapses time involved these change. The Christianity flourishes because of the Black Death in Europe and the Buddhism in Asia because of the long droughts. The Dogma appears as a new hope for the humanity because of the fear of the strength of nature. The inquisition of the witches in the middle age and the prosperity of the Maya and Nazca civilisations are all of them an aftermath of drastic natural events in the history of time. In that time, science without proper tools and advanced knowledge it couldn’t explain the facts happening and the predictions of them.

Today, the technology it makes us a life much more comfortable than before with the invention of the electricity, the phone, cars, the radio, TV, train, the aeroplane to then further away with computing, internet and smartphones. Just to name few of them and to not include tools in the scientific research not easily accessed to the public. Important reading keys of predictions useful for a psychological mass preparation of a world that will never know like before. All these sceptics, they will prey some other Dogma of the moment for save their souls? Will they establish another religion after they will see in their hands the death of their care one? They will start to believe, then?

It’s easy when you have a comfortable life to judging something that not directly affected you because you have everything you need that this society has prepared for you. I would like to take with me these sceptics and take them for a while in the mostest remote place on Earth where you can see with your eyes what climate change really means. It’s easy when you have always food in the fridge, internet available, water, fast food around and free information reachable from the web to play around with people without culture like you. Adopting a research model of connection references, maybe achieved because of some university years did it in the past. However, I am a patience person and therefore I will wait the moment when this sceptical climate change will hit you personally.

As usual and always be, it’s up to you what do you want to believe and what do you want to do.

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