Renewable Energy: An article related or maybe not


I am trying to imagine a word where anything related to energy is inter-connected to each other by geographical location. Where everything, included any nations, provide a capability energy restoring for its own people at a free cost and without contamination. A world in which the energy is in abundance and regularly provided and updated from it owns consumption. A society whose can work collaboratively for the common good of everybody and the future comes. A technology allows the right investment and the realisation of this reticulate connection of new opportunities.

Such a slogan, right! Unfortunately.. that is utopia. The speculative approach of the company already working in the energy sector, already present from centuries of years and responsible for the providing energy to the citizens, exploit the people needs with the privatization of resources occurred naturally on the planet. And that’s not new, right! Well, let’s say that they do the same thing with renewable energy. If you think, you can install by yourself a device capable of providing free energy for you at free cost and just pay the maintaining of it instead to pay a monthly bill to some company who pretend to gives energy for you.

Let’s make this simple example: solarEngineering and co. say that they will give you all the energy you want for just 25 units only (to not name any currency) per month. Attention! Just 25 units per month and you are good to go. They said that the energy provides is clean, in respect with the environment, 100% renewable because is connected to some solar plant station. Ok, until here it’s fine, right!? But, why should I spend some money for something that is completely free and already available daily? So, that’s my point, if I can and if I am in the possibility I can buy in a shop a set of solar panel and installed on my roof. Anybody can do it and you don’t need honestly a doctorate in engineering. The same is for a wind turbine power or if you prefer a water energy supplier if you are in a place where the rain is often and all around the year.

Now, I didn’t really say anything new but just to let you understand that this kind of approach of the consumer also could help to improve the socio-economic situation. People working 8-10 hours a day for 5-6 days a week they even think about these concepts and not because they are stupid but simply because they don’t have time. Also, after all those hours of work you really think that kind of people they want to think about this. They want to rest, chill and enjoy the time with their families.

In addition, a philosophy of this kind could easily generate new business for little shops, small-medium company size and start up. Instead, to spend your money to big companies that they always sitting there with their big fat asses you can provide new opportunities to new businesses. And if you want to make the picture bigger, it’s mean also more jobs available for everybody and therefore a wider stream of money available to people requiring that. We speak about overpopulation and maybe we can blame that when we looking for a job but that’s because the number of the companies it remains the same over time compared to the number of people.

So, renewable energy over than a realistic solution as a natural energy resource supplier for the human society is also a generator business boost in the energy sector providing new jobs opportunities. But after all, it’s always up to you what do you want to do and what you want to believe.

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