Interpretation of sustainability

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The reaction between the arrangement of a government and a multinational company producing man-made products from fossil fuel is an intelligible reality of conflicts. The rules and scheme of a society predesigned in a model of consumption in which the common denominator is the supremacy on the global market are the face of a structure that reflect the unbearable negligence for the public opinion and for the members of that structure. The abstraction of the concept is simply the duration of this architecture in itself, in other words, the carrying capacity of this architecture in its limits of regenerative properties.

In simple terms… The planet Earth has a limitation in what is called sustainability in terms of natural resources. The single individual subject of any species have a degree of consumption and recharge in the globe with its parameters like the atmosphere, the biosphere, the hydrosphere and so on. Now, the Earth have yet regenerative properties and therefore through a life-cycle of elements can reproduce the resources need it for a sustainability situation but the time setting up is unchangeable. So, the industry sector it should return to its original service for the society, and this means the production of goods for the members of this structure, and update their-self with legislation in the relation to the carrying capacity of the Earth.

For example, the energy sector could be easily replaceable with renewable energy industry because of the usage of resources easily traceable and with an infinite availability. Right, did you still want to use a monetary currency for your profit? Fine, no problem at all. Unfortunately, we don’t live yet in a time where the mankind it’s able to respect each other and don’t need of leaders to live in harmony. But in spite of this, I want just underline that the adopting of the renewable energy could be easily self-centralized for each individual of the human society throughout the installing of single devices in each premise of any urban environment.

The replacement of goods manmade it with unrecyclable material such as plastic, it’s also easily possible with the re-utilization of organic and inorganic waste materials. No less important to say, this process produces zero-waste in its aftermath. Furthermore, material like plastic could be transformed with certain processed (not so expensive) in new goods of consumption for the members of the society. Sustainability is a reality and not a big dream, we need just to accept the fact that everything has a change of circumstances that sometimes we provoke or are natural provoked. A Green Economy means as well a reality of equality between two or more different counterparts. Remember the story of the bird in South America of the last article dedicated to Conservation. If someone fall.. everybody fall, without exception.

So, the Green Economy is substantially an adaptation of the same economic system but with the replacement of different patterns. It’s not just an action in respect of the environment but indeed it’s an aftermath and evolution of the mankind to something greater than what we live now. Considering the people as a load-bearing fulcrum of an economy whose reflect the same breath, the same blood and the same path of an architecture in which the model of sustainability is equal in everything. Or you can keep despair and complain about their dissatisfaction for its inequality and frustration about the price of gasoline of your car, or the tax to pay for your waste or when you drive in your city centre. As usual and always be, it’s up to you what do you want to believe and what do you want to do.

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