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Everything starts from the small and most insignificant part of a giant complexity, such as a spark for a big fire, a drop of water for a flooding and an idea for a big revolution. This post is written to explain in the simplest way the meaning and the importance of conservation in terms of concepts and understanding. In order to get a general idea and accessibility of what had been exclusive just for the scientists of the field. Certain data and results have been shown to the public but considerate that the truth can be hiding and can be worse than you think. It’s up to you what you want to believe and what you want to do.

The picture in the article is a small garden on the top of a hill behind the library of my hometown. In my years of lightheartedness, it was really a private place for me and for my thoughts. I remember passing whole afternoons just reading, watching the clouds in the sky, smoking some cigarette, writing or simply thinking. It was an open space and accessible to everyone but for all the times I been there I saw someone else just for few times. Each time I was returning to my hometown it was almost a duty to visit again that place. Like a friend, you don’t see from a long time.

Unfortunately, as you see from the picture, that place now it’s abandoned. No one care about that place, no the council, no the people of my hometown and nor some environmental association. Personally, I see this careless such a waste of space and beauty of the life. Now, try to think this small episode that I told you and try to think of bigger places that you know. Try to think about that and try to apply to something really huge, something that could affect millions of peoples. Thousands of animal species, plants, insects and all the micro and macro components of an ecosystem can have.

This is simply the essence of conservation, the awareness of something that is extremely important and you can’t see. Something, that you never think about it but has always been part of you, the resulting invisible interconnection between two or more entities in which includes a biotic and abiotic relationship. The abandonment of yourself is what you exactly doing with what you have around you. Everything has a reaction, doesn’t matter what could include, the point is the aftermath that you could feel later on. That is the main role to remember and never forget in nature and in the human life… everything is connected because we are part of a whole.

For example, a certain bird in South America dies because there is a high demand from the wood industry, required from the market in the production of goods made it in wood material. They need wood and so they cut a lot of trees. That bird doesn’t have anymore a home and unfortunately, there are no other places for that bird and for its friends to have a new home. So, the animal who feed their self with that certain bird dies as well. So on, the insects with which that bird feed itself were gone too because they can’t reproduce their self in an unfavourable living space. Lastly, men can have their wood but they have less resource, a rising in the price of goods, the unhappiness of the people and less green space for everybody.   

Ethics is not an opinion but sometimes could be a law. There are certain rules in the science of the environment that could be considerate almost laws of the life. If we broke that laws are like sign up on a paper that said: “I want to die”. If the cost of living rises it’s because there are fewer resources available and progressively reduced over time. That’s why conservation is important. That’s why the wildlife is important. That’s why some values forgotten in the time of the progress are important.

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