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This poetical-epic interpretation about pollution is for the few minds who never understand the environmental issue. This article is dedicated for the few minds who never considerate important these topics. Who always been a fugitive from these problems or maybe skeptical regarding evidence and data proof it. To help you out and to make you understand with another and (maybe attractive) reading language what do you live now. As usual, it’s up to you what you want to believe and what you want to do.

As a strange disease has spread it in the world with a velocity of a thunderstorm preparing to impacts on the land predestinated. Stronger, larger, denser than anything we know at almost in exponential effect. Pollution is almost like the physical frustration projected overtime of the unhappy masses from the society in which we live. Water, air, land, plants, animals and humans… all of them are affected without mercy for no one. Insignificant dowels one by one fall in domino effects, to then make collapsing a gigantic ecosystem that in the end is the planet whose guest us.

The water is getting slimy, putrid and dirtier because there are thousands and thousands of factories around the world discharged litres and litres of waste chemicals substances every day. Rivers crying, seas screaming, fishes running away and man… watching and walk away. The over consumption of water usage, from the conventional energy production, is undefined from an exaggerated need of careless and dissatisfaction of the mankind. The meaningless overproduction of factories, to perceive and follows an insensate growth, of an economy which is only profitable for few in the human society. 

The breathing of the air is getting heavier and heavier, day by day, for us and for everything alive on the planet. An invisible entity running freely to everywhere, entering inside us and without asking any permission, overheating the sky to then making it darker than black. Millions of cars riding streets everywhere and every day consuming gallons and gallons of black gold reverse in the air like blood in our veins. Fresh air on young skins now are just far away memories wrote it from good storytellers of books made it a long time ago. A good society appearance for unsustainable make-up products tested before on animals for compatibility on humans.

The land is getting dusty and dryer because of the rising temperature provoked from the introduction, in over quantity, of green gases from artificial sources. It degraded, impoverished and bad maintained from the hand’s mankind for its selfishness and speculative progress, to then producing primary goods no more effective, no more in good status for a long term usage. A drastically change it take gradually place on the face of your mother, more vulnerable, less understandable and with upsetting expressions. No more food for us will be collected, cultivated, hunting down in the future because of a natural rejection from the land in broke the law of life.

You lose the dignity to stay on this land, the respect and the privilege to stand out from other living community. You broke the natural law of the events with its balance and therefore it will return to you greater than before. You decide to have a world on another world, a reflection from where we come from, a copy of the same system and functionality, with the difference that a copy will remain always a copy and never will be the same of the original. You chose a freedom without ethic, without morality, without philosophy and for that, your selfishness will suffocate you.

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