Overview of the careless and limits of the mankind

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In the way how the climate change scenario presents itself, to the humanity as an indisputable enemy for all of us, lie in the reality of the facts which is the consecutive careless of the mankind to take the responsibility for its actions. Diversify in its behaviour in terms of awareness of the problem and the substitution of its values as fundaments of this civilisation. The core of these problems is the missing of volunteering to understand about new ideas from adult people and from a living system design it and organise it as a long term insurance for a scheme no more longer acceptable and obsolescent.

The barter and the usage of the coins in the history of the world has passed away in few hundred years but after thousands of years we still use a currency coin to satisfy our desires. Just to simplify this concept let’s make it in this way: how much cost for us the natural resources that we need for our living? Who place and state for us the price of those? Well, today system is claim as a single individual in a community who can live better than anybody else thanks to its intelligence. In other words, a rich person becomes rich because it makes simply money on others. The difference between the principle of a natural scheme and a human complexity is the missing automated balance in which this system is regulated.

The key of the change in terms of sustainability and insurance for the human life to survive over time is the new generation coming. If the education system is changed in a way in which a human being is raised as a thinking subject capable to the take autonomous decision for itself without follow a pre-design it scheme of rules based on profit which are just for few and not for so many. In that case, the mankind could have some possibilities of surviving. Education is one of the mostest important fundament of the human civilization, a pillar of knowledge which must have to change for the good of everybody. Unfortunately is not possible change the mind of an adult human subject, after 30 or 20 years of its life but is possible change the mind of a child in its development.

Climate change has been discovered in the late 19 century and then gradually confirmed from the international scientific community over year and year of investigations. From the hole in the Ozone layer to the greenhouses densification in the atmosphere, climate change was present and still present as a shadow in the human mind. The behaviour of the mankind is changeable but the most important thing to change is the system in itself. If we do not regulate the industrial sector who produce more than necessary to satisfy and rich their monthly budget, instead of limit the everyday people, any effort will be wasted. Until we don’t think to make people happy from a psychological point of view, society will be always close and closer to its end.

At this point, how the society is it right now, people will act for the climate change only in the moment when water will not run from their tap, the light will not be in their house and food will be missed from the food store. Like in the war, people will face their death in front of them; will suffer famine, violence and immorality. If everything will run normally as it is now, we will see already some changes taking place around the world, in our life span. We are talking about planet colonisation and how the future could affect our life, ah! Ridicules! We still have to do so much work on our self at philosophical, psychological and moral level.

As usual, it’s up to you what you want to do. It’s up to you what you want to believe.

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